The story of Taizé

In 1940, Brother Roger, son of a Swiss pastor and a French mother, founded a monastic community in the French village of Taizé. The Taizé Community is ecumenical (the brothers come from many different Christian denominations), and it is committed to peace, reconciliation and Christian unity.

The Community developed its own traditions of worship which were modern, yet followed traditional monastic pat-terns, using straightforward written prayer and simple medi-tative singing. Taizé is an important place for pilgrimage; over 100,000 people visit the community each year, and many have found the worship there inspiring. As a result, many churches run services in the Taizé style.

Our Sunday evening Taizé service at St. Michael provides a breathing space between the weekend and the week to come, a prayerful time of peace and tranquility that is often hard to find in our busy world. The service is quiet, simple, and has no preaching.

The Taizé service is held at St. Michael, at 6 p.m. on the sec-ond Sunday of each month, and is around 30 minutes long. The next one will be on Sunday 10th March. We look for-ward to seeing you there.

More information about Taizé can be found at the Communi-ty’s website here

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